Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reason for Mysql 5.0 and above requirement

I am explaining in this post, the Mysql 5.0 or above requirement for NCompPOS. There is lots of questions about this subject because lots of people already have an older version of Mysql installed.

From Mysql 5.0 there were a function build in called 'Transaction save'. I am using this function in a lot of places for the following reason.

If there is a run that do lots of changes in your database, the transaction save function will test if the run was completed and only if the run was completed successfully will it post the changes to the database. So if anything happens during the run Mysql will divert back to how the data looked before the run was initiated. Example of such a situation is if you send your invoices over the internet to HQ and your connection is lost, you don't sit with half run data. In the half run data situation we would have had to restore a backup to fix the data.

If you still need to use an older Mysql I expect it to work I haven't build in any other mysql special features into the software. The older Mysql (Its tested with version 4.0 and above) don't give a error on the 'Transaction save' command it just ignore it so if the run is stopped half way, your data will be corrupt and you will have to restore a backup.

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